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AltumClass is a web based system that makes it possible for class based organisations to manage theirs classes, clients, members, events & shop sales online.
Yes, we have made AltumClass as easy to use as checking emails. Most actions are automated and self explanatory.
AltumClass does not replace your website. When you sign up with AltumClass, you get a link to put on your existing website. This link takes you and your clients to the page integrated into your site where your clients can enrol in classes, purchase membership, sign up to events & purchase items (e.g Books & CD's) online
We do not require you to sign a contract so you can cancel anytime
Absolutely. This is the primary reason for AltumClass. How much time do you spend signing up new students each term? How much business do you lose by not accepting enrolments online, or accepting credit cards? How much time do you spend doing paperwork to enrol people into new classes? All these and more are now automated online and easily viewable by you and your staff & teachers. No more wondering how any many people have enrolled in a class - all this and more will be available to you online.
Only you will have access to all your organisation's data. If you share your password (not recommended) that person will have access to your data also. Each of your staff will only be able to see and access their individual information only.
Upon cancellation we delete all your information for your organistion from the system. This means that if you decide to rejoin you will need to enter your information all over again.

No - all organisations need to sign up with Paypal to receive online transactions. Paypal will charge a transaction fee on top of the AltumClass for any enrolments made via CreditCard.
No, there is no additional cost for multiple administrators or teachers.
Simply click the 'Free Trial' button at the top of the page. You will be up and running in no time.
We pay extra to purchase and use the same security that banks use. We will not compromise on security.
You can simply cancel the trial. Our policy that that your information gets deleted if you wish not to sign up with us.
No, there is no equipment to buy, rent or maintain.
AltumClass does not share personal information under any condition. Not for promotions, not for money not for anything. That is our privacy guarantee.


Inclusions Maximum of

5 Classes
2 Membership Categories
2 Events
5 Shop Items
Maximum of

10 Classes
4 Membership Categories
4 Events
10 Shop Items
Maximum of

15 Classes
6 Membership Categories
6 Events
15 Shop Items
Maximum of

30 Classes
12 Membership Categories
12 Events
30 Shop Items
Free$9.99 per month$29.99 per month$49.99 per month
US DollarsFree$7.50 per month$22.99 per month$36.99 per month
EurosFree€6.99 per month€20.99 per month€34.99 per month
GB PoundsFree£4.99 per month£14.99 per month£24.99 per month

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