Our Features

Simple Enrolment & Purchases

Provides a simple way for students to choose & enrol in offered classes & to purchase other items  Class Enrolments Allows students to choose the class and time they wish to enrol in
 Memberships Organisation memberships can be sold here too (multiple categories)
 Events Any events that your organisation offers can be setup and sold online
 Shop Any items that are required for the class e.g. books and CDs can be sold online
 Email Receipts Receipts are emailed to the client for all or partially made payments
 Pay Now or Later Provides the option for Students to pay now or register & pay later

Money Transfers

Transfers all payments from students directly into
your own PayPal Account
  Visa & Mastercard Visa card and Mastercard payments accepted
 Transferred to your Paypal Account Payments can also be transferred to your Paypal Account
 Safe & Secure All credit card information securely enrcypted via Verisign
 Reconcilliations Bank Reconcillation reports are provided so you can double check all payments

Admin System

Provides an easy to use Administration System for staff to setup and manage class bookings & other purchase items  Easy to Use The system is easy to use - very intuitive
 Student Transfers Students can be transferred between classes once enrolled
 Teacher Class View Teachers can view up-to-date lists of who has enrolled in their classes
 Setup Classes & Events Classes are easily added or can easily have their details modified
 Clone Classes Classes from previous terms can be copied to the new term
 Sell Products from you Shop Products such as books and CDs can be added to the system for sale
 Setup Events Events for the organisation i.e. one off activities - can easily be setup

Standard Reports

Provides a list of Standard 'One Click Reports' to allow you to analyse your class enrollments  Who has not paid? Get list of people of who have enrolled in classes and haven't paid
 Clients Complete reports on your list of clients
 Members Reports on current and past members
 Classes Who has enrolled in what class
 Events Who is coming to the next event?
 Shop Reports on who has bought what

Client Contact & Management

Manage all of your clients in one central location  Update Client Details Update a client's details if they have changed
 Send Email to Clients Email anyone on your client list
 Send Bulk / group emails Run re-enrollment campaigns or other bulk emails
 Send Emails by Class or other choice ..............to different groups in your contact list

Sales & Marketing Tools

Boost your sales with these great tools  Facebook Marketing When a client enrols - its posted on their Facebook page...easy for friends to enrol
 Twitter Marketing When a client enrols - its posted on their Twitter page...easy for friends to enrol
 Mailchimp Integration New students details automatically sent to Mailchimp

Unlimited Support

Offers Unlimited Support to ensure that the system works as you want it  Email Us Primary support is offered by email
 Call us Support can be via the phone if you prefer
 Offer Suggestions Send through any ideas for product improvement and we will happily consider them

Website Integration

Integrates seamlessly with your current website. Users will only see one website.  Customised client header info Add your organisation name to the client pages.
 Upload your logo to the Client page Add your own Logo so that clients know they are dealing wiith you
 Website Integration Easily integrate AltumClass into your own website - users only see the one website

Access Control

Allow Your Staff to access the areas they need to - and keep away from confidential info.  Who is doing what? Control who has access to what in the system e.g. view reports only, can see invoices
 Report on activity Can provide a list of system activity that your staff are doing (so you can keep track!!!)
 Last login Check when a staff member last logged in

On the Go

Cloud Based App. Access Anywhere, Anytime  Web Based Application AltumClass is a completely web based application
 Automatic Software Updates There is no need to download software which means updates are activated automatically
 Access from Anywhere Accesss AltumClass anywhere via an internet enabled device